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Association PATO

The Association of Defense of Paul de Tornada – PATO is a non-governmental environmental organization, legally founded in October 1988, headquartered at the Educational Ecological Center of Paul de Tornada, Caldas da Rainha.

Environmental education and awareness actions for sustainability play a fundamental role in the association's activity, privileging contact with nature and direct actions with the population (school and non-school).  

​The Association has also dedicated part of its efforts to ecological studies and the characterization and inventory of species from the Paul de Tornada Local Nature Reserve and other natural spaces in the region.

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Helder Cardoso

Helder Cardoso, born in the municipality of  Bombarral. He works as a birdwatching guide in Portugal and Spain, at the company Birds & Nature Tours, and develops projects in the area of environmental awareness.

He works with wild birds, be it guiding observation tours in Portugal or Spain, carrying out environmental impact studies or consulting. He is also dedicated to studying other groups in the natural world, such as butterflies and dragonflies.

He is the coordinator of the Network of Night Butterfly Stations, a Citizen Science project that began in December 2020.

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