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Water birds of
Óbidos Lagoon


The Óbidos Lagoon, due to its location and size, is an important site of ornithological value. The diversity of habitats that compose the Óbidos lagoon area often attracts a great diversity of bird species.

Despite its natural richness, this lagoon is also an undervalued place regarding its potential for Nature tourism and, more specifically, ornithological tourism. Creating a website dedicated to the lagoon's aquatic birds contributes to raising awareness of the richness and diversity of species and promoting their conservation. Regular counts allow us to scientifically understand population dynamics and reiterate the importance of the Óbidos lagoon for aquatic birds.

Project objectives

● Create an Internet portal dedicated to the ornithological richness of the Óbidos Lagoon, where information will be available about the species that occur in the lagoon, about the most suitable times of year to visit/observe birds and the best observation sites;
● Monitor the populations of water birds that occur in the Óbidos Lagoon monthly and throughout the year;
● Assess the population dynamics and phenology of the various species of birds that occur in the Óbidos Lagoon;


● Publicize the touristic component of the Óbidos Lagoon and enhance the activity of “Birdwatching”;
● Contribute to the knowledge and conservation of the various species of water birds that occur in Óbidos Lagoon;
● Raise awareness among the school population about the importance of the Óbidos Lagoon for aquatic birds.

Methodology of the counting program

The counts will take place once a month and, in order to uniformly cover the entire area of the lagoon, they will be carried out from six locations (mouth of Rio Real; Braço da Barrosa; Lapinha, Aberta, Braço do Bom Sucesso; and Poça do Vau, see map).

Counts will be carried out using a telescope and binoculars, and all individuals will be counted and identified down to the species.

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