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Ornithologists for a day at Óbidos Lagoon with the 3rd year of Óbidos

3rd year students from Complexo Escolar dos Arcos, Furadouro and Alvito were "Ornithologists for a day" at Lagoa de Óbidos. A total of 5 classes participated in this activity in the 2022/2023 academic year, in March and April 2023.

With binoculars and field records in hand, they set out to discover the water birds of Lagoa de Óbidos like true ornithologists.

Flamingos, great herons, red herons and mosquitoes were some of the many birds seen by the youngsters.

The students said it was the best study visit they had ever done and we were very happy to hear that. We hope that all classes loved this activity and got to know the water birds of Lagoa de Óbidos a little better.

See you next year!

The "BioLagoa de Óbidos" project has the support of the Municipality of Óbidos   and Águas do Tejo Atlântico .

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