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Launch of the Project "BioLagoa de Óbidos - Aves aquáticas da Lagoa de Óbidos"

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

On the 2nd of February, on the occasion of the commemorations of the World Wetlands Day, between 10 am and 12 am, the "BioLagoa de Óbidos - Aves aquáticas da Lagoa de Óbidos" project will be presented in the picnic park next to Óbidos Lagoon. In addition to the public presentation of the project, the session will include bird watching on site.

Date: 2 February - World Wetlands Day

Hours: 10am - 12am

Meeting point: Arelho Picnic Park (39.39908356211544, -9.198198908000109).

The Óbidos Lagoon, due to its location and size, is an important site of ornithological value. The diversity of habitats that compose the Óbidos Lagoon area often attracts a great diversity of bird species.

The project "BioLagoa de Óbidos - Aves aquáticas da Lagoa de Óbidos" aims to raise awareness of the richness and diversity of the aquatic birds of the Óbidos Lagoon and to promote their conservation.

To this end, this project will include the creation of a website dedicated to the water birds of the Lagoon, monthly counts of water birds at fixed points along the Lagoon and analysis of the collected data, formation sessions for the general public, and environmental education actions aimed at 1st cycle students in the Municipality of Óbidos.

This project is developed by Associação PATO, in partnership with Águas do Tejo Atlântico, the entity responsible for cleaning up the watershed of Óbidos Lagoon, and the Municipality of Óbidos.



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