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3rd year students from Óbidos were ornithologists for a day

3rd year students from Complexo Escolar dos Arcos, Furadouro and Alvito were "Ornithologists for a day" at Lagoa de Óbidos. A total of 4 classes participated in this activity in the 2021/2022 academic year, in March 2022.

With binoculars and a field record in hand, they observed and recorded the water birds that were there.

Great blue herons, little white herons, coots, mallard ducks, squeaks, white-faced cormorants, were some of the birds that were seen in large numbers in Óbidos Lagoon and that delighted the youngest .

We hope you enjoyed!

In these activities we also have the presence of Mr. Secretary Marco Tomás from the Santa Maria, São Pedro and Sobral da Lagoa Parish Council, Sara Duarte from the company Águas do Tejo Atlântico and Helder Cardoso, the project's Ornithologist responsible for counting water birds monthly in Óbidos Lagoon.

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